Frequently Asked Question

Do I have to do registration and KYC for MinimalWin’s token sales?

Registration is necessary, but KYC is required before receiving tokens.

Who can participate in the Token Sale Event?

Currently, we do not accept participants from United States and its territories, Mainland China and Singapore.

What do I need to provide for KYC?

Participants should follow our checklist to prepare KYC:

  • Nationality
  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Passport Photo Page Scan Or Government Issued Photo ID Scan (Front & Back)
  • Selfie Photo

How long does the verification of KYC information take?

The verification normally takes around 5 business days (in certain cases, this process may take longer). Once approved, you will be notified through email of your eligibility to participate in the available projects.

May I modify my KYC information after submission?

Yes, please send your updated information to

Is there a minimum or maximum of tokens I can contribute?

For main sale participants, individual’s contributions start from 0.25 ETH and limit to 100 ETH.

Does MinimalWin have a vesting period for MWT distributed in Pre-ICO and ICO? If so, how long is the vesting period?

Yes, our vesting period is 3 months, for the tokens we distributed in Pre-ICO and 1 months vesting period for the tokens we distributed in ICO.

Where can I get more help for the registration details?

For more help, please reach out to us at:



What is MinimalWin?

MinimalWin is an alternative platform for sales, which is based on the principle of lottery and auction. MinimalWin is the first platform in the world that is built entirely on Ethereum smart contracts which allows you to win through an algorithm everything that is put on sale on our platform. It's a kind of lottery, but unusual one, kind an auction, but not finished or concluded.

What problems does MinimalWin solve?

MinimalWin offers equal chances to win for all those involved.

Fairness of the lottery - our aim is to gain clients trust, that's why the random mechanism of winner generation is transparent and clear.

Who are MinimalWin’s competitors?

There is no competitor existing in the market. MinimalWin is the first platform lottery to win real things/goods (cars, houses, jewellery etc) besides crytocyrrency.

What makes MinimalWin platform stand out?

Completely decentralized lottery system.

Availability. To sell a lot or to try to win it, the seller/ the participant must only register on the platform and have an Ethereum electronic wallet;

Organization of own lottery. Any user can create his own lottery, expose a lot, set the price of his lot;

Anonymity. Despite the fact that the blockchain is an open database, it only shows the numbers of electronic wallets. Every user is defined by their alias and wallet ID, which means that the stored data are anonymous and don’t require any personal information or additional documents;

Absolute transparency. The platform mechanism are clear displayed on the Ethereym block chain and are available for viewing to everyone.

What is the vision of MinimalWin?

Our mission is to create a global platform without geographic barriers to reunite everyone and provide the opportunity to sell goods through a non-traditional form and to give people the chance to win that they desire by paying less. Our team want to built a completely transparent and fully decentralized platform for organizing and conducting a sale lottery using the blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts.

Our aim is to built a platform that creates an innate trust in a potentially corrupt system for one to win something that is auctioned through a decentralized blockchain system that benefits all. We also carry a social mission by giving a chance to buy expensive goods at the price of a "lottery ticket", as well to deal with the depreciation of hard-to-sell goods.

What is Pre ICO and ICO start dates?

Pre ICO starts at 23 of July 2018 and it will proceed till 31 of July 2018. The ICO begins on 1st of August 2018 and it will proceed till 31 of August 2018.

Whats the Token price?

1 MWT = 0.1 USD

What the minimum token purchase during Pre ICO and ICO?

Minimum token purchase during the Pre ICO is 1 ETH and maximum is 100 ETH.

Minimum token purchase during the ICO is 0.25 ETH and maximum is 100 ETH.

Is there any wallet you recommend?

Any wallets that support ERC20 tokens should be fine, such as MyEtherWallet, ImToken, etc.

How to contribute and participate in Pre ICO and ICO?

Purchase of Tokens will be available on in the Crowdfunding Dashboard. During the Pre ICO and ICO you will be able to purchase MinimalWin Tokens (MWT). Payment will be accepted only in ETH. Transfer has to be made from an ethereum wallet supporting ERC-20 compliant tokens.

Can US citizens participate in the Token Sale?

No, due to SEC restrictions.

Can I be sure that I will receive MinimalWIn Tokens?

MinimlalWin Tokens are sent automatically through Ethereum Smart contract after the ICO is closed. MinimalWin Smart Contract is placed on GitHub. It is open and accessible to everyone.

When will MWT tokens be listed on exchange and which ones?

MWT will be available on secondary market after the ICO ends. Follow our further announcements to learn more about it.