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What is MinimalWin?

MinimalWin is a new crypto lottery aimed at giving you the opportunity not only to play and win, but also to allow yourself to create your own lotteries that work in conjunction with the blockchain technologies in the banister of the Ethereum.

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Why MinimalWin?

Our Mission

By 2020, the global e-commerce market is expected to rise over 4 trillion USD. Luxury products continue to be sought on the global market despite the recession faced by several states. Luxury products market is always attractive among consumers and MinimalWin team will create a platform to make it more accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to create a global platform without geographic barriers to reunite everyone and provide the opportunity to sell goods through a non-traditional form and to give people the chance to win that they desire by paying less.

Our team want to built a completely transparent and fully decentralized platform for organizing and conducting a sale lottery using the blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts. Our aim is to built a platform that creates an innate trust in a potentially corrupt system for one to win something that is auctioned through a decentralized blockchain system that benefits all. Fairness of the lottery -our aim is to gain clients trust, that’s why the random mechanism of winner generation is transparent and clear.

We also carry a social mission by giving a chance to buy expensive goods at the price of a “lottery ticket”, as well to deal with the depreciation of hard-to-sell goods.

MinimalWin will become the first decentralised lottery-auction ecosystem and the most popular platform in real words thanks to its community that will gather millions of people around the globe.


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Token sale details

MWT is an ERC20 compatible token.

  • Check MarkTotal MWT issued:

    244,444,444 MWT *

  • Check MarkTotal MWT available for purchase:

    110,000,000 MWT

  • Check MarkSoft cap:


  • Check MarkHard cap:


  • Check MarkAccepted currencies:


  • Check MarkPre sale:

    May 1, 2019

  • Check MarkPublic sale:

    May 8, 2019

  • Check MarkPre ICO investments:

    Min 1 ETH -
    Max 100 ETH

  • Check MarkICO investments:

    Min 0,25 ETH -
    Max 100 ETH

* It's an one-time emission, that means no more tokens will ever be issued.

Token Sale Chart Token Sale Chart

Token bonuses

Token bonuses




8 - 17 May



18 -27 May



28 May - 8 June



Token distribution


Private & Public Sale


Team & Founders

Minimal Win Token Distribution


Market Development






Will be allocated for Public Tokens round;


Will be reserved for MinimalWin Team. These tokens will be locked ½ for 6 months and ½ for 12 months after the completion of the token generation event;


Will be reserved for Advisors. Those tokens will be locked for 6 and 12 months as well after the completion of the token generation event;


Will be reserved for bounties campaigns;


Will go to network growth and market development will be fully redistributed to reward MinimalWin community after launching of final version. Until that moment (01.09.2019) all the tokens will be locked/frozen.

Fund allocation

Platform improvement
Building Team
Administrative purpose
IT infrastructure

Project ecosystem

Seller: puts up a lot
The seller has the opportunity to place the lot in one of the categories: Digital, Cars&Moto, Fashion, Real Estate, Jewelry and Ethereum&Crypto.
In order to avoid placing false or indecisive lots, the seller will be charged with a fee for each lot (warranty).
When placing the lot, the seller describes his product, uploads photos, the term he wishes to sell, no more than 30 days, and sets the lot price in MWT.
Users: buy tickets and join the lottery.
The first thing a participant needs to do is to register on the MinimalWin platform and to have an Ethereum electronic wallet.
The registrations on the platform are free for both participants (buyers and sellers).
Project Ecosystems structure
Lot: system prepares Smart Contract.
A smart contract is created for each lottery defining a lot and the number of entries of tickets.
After selecting the lot and making a bet, the player agrees to the terms of the smart contract, which list the date of the lottery, the price for one ticket (1MWT for each bet), and the terms of the lottery-auction.
Winner: takes it all!
A winner is selected at random using a unique algorithm. In this case the system automatically transfers the winning code to the winner, based on the smart contract.
All operations with the winning lot are saved on the blockchain and can be tracked at any time by any user. Payments are made on the basis of smart contracts, concluded by users at the time of bet confirmation.


To avoid dumping tokens onto the market and creating oversupply, co-founders tokens are subject to a vesting schedule. All tokens distributed to the team (36 666 667, representing 15%) and advisors (4 888 888 MWT tokens, representing 2%) are subject to vesting. Vesting model ensures more value and security for the token contributors. Vesting provides more loyalty from the core team towards the project and ensures that MinimalWIn Token is not subject to market manipulation and provides stable market development for the MWT token.

MinimalWin introduces the following Vesting model:

  • MWT tokens for co-founders will be locked once Token Sale distribution will end;

  • ½ of MWT is locked for 6 months from Token Sale distribution;

  • ½ of MWT is locked for 12 months from Token Sale distribution.

The vesting model is active 12 months in total and shall be activated with a smart contract once the token sale is complete.

Our Team

Yurii Regelyuk
Yurii Regelyuk
Founder, CEO
Andrew Matsco CCO
Andrew Matsco
Cofounder, CCO
Denis Oancea CTO MinimalWin
Denis Oancea
Cofounder, CTO
Adrian Solomon
Adrian Solomon
Marketing Director
Veronika Trifan
Veronika Trifan
Financial Analyst
Andrew Fortunatov
Andrew Fortunatov
Vasilii Yatsyuk
Vasilii Yatsyuk
Senior Graphic Designer
Liubovi Caraus
Liubovi Caraus
Marketing Manager
Cristina Donica
Cristina Donica


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Denis Oancea
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